Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Sunday we went to the Columbus Zoo to see Fluffy. Fluffy was not moving around but he looked in very good condition for a 300 lb. reticulated python. The Columbus Zoo has a wonderful reptile collection.
Last weekend we went to Memphis TN. We ate at Corky's barbecue and both of us had ribs. I had them dry and Steve had them wet. The wet ones were moister of course and sweeter due to the sauce. The dry ones are great if you are just starving for meat. While in town, we stocked up on our favorite ice cream from the South. We made it home with very little melting.

Don't tell anyone but we haven't seen a flea yet this year. It must be due to the drought. Monty has allergies to many things and all it takes is one flea for him to itch like crazy. The ragweed count is triple the normal level due to the drought. This has made him spin on his butt a lot lately.

The dogs are getting multiple walks almost every other day. Cornelius has lost a lot of weight but the spare tire around his middle section is not shrinking.